Internationell Ekonomi (fördjupning)

Tibble's International Economics Program is one of the longest running business programs in Norrort for students interested in an international career. 

Traditionally, the students who have applied to this program have been excellent at English. Whenever we have guests from abroad, our international students are our hosts and guides. English 7 is mandatory for all international economics students and many of the courses in the program run joint projects with the courses in English. By the end of your third year, you are well prepared for university level studies in English in Sweden or abroad.

International teachers

Our International Economics teachers include Cecilia, who is our marketing guru. She keeps an eye out for exciting new marketing strategies and ways to get students prepared for starting their own businesses. Next in line is Tove, our journalist turned teacher. She loves working with the rhetorical process and with ways to make our students confident public speakers. Carina is our Math and Accounting whiz who also has a special knack for the stock market.

travel to China

Almost since the very beginning of the program, our international economics students have had the awesome opportunity to travel to China in their senior year. Sometimes we've made Beijing our destination, sometimes it has been Shanghai, but lately we've focused on Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We have great friends there at Guangzhou Huangpu Children's Palace and have been invited for the second year in a row. Earlier year, we had the opportunity to meet with international businesses such as Amazon, Scania and Heineken, as well as marvel over the beauty of the ancient Chinese culture. The children we met at Guangzhou Huangpu Children's Palace stole our hearts when they showed us their talents, ranging from dancing to robot construction.