Matematikresa till USA

Tibble deltar i den internationella T3 konferensen för matematiklärare i USA!

Varje år ger Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) en matematikkonferens i USA. 

I år gick konferensen i San Antonio, Texas. 

Temat var "Aha"

 Aha! It’s the feeling when you discover even more than you were looking for ...

 Come learn proven strategies that get students excited about learning math, science and STEM. Explore fresh, high-impact ideas that deepen understanding and support achievement. Get ready to experience hands-on interactive sessions that strengthen teaching, technology and content skills. Become connected with a global community of educators and thought leaders who share your passion for excellence in education.

Mer information finns här;

De matematiklärare som deltog var Carina Bratt, Anna Efremova, Hamada Sidqi, Maria Waern och Tomas Wallgren. 

Kommentarer om konferensen;
Wow! Vilket inledningstal! Wow! Vilken konferens! Wow! Vilka bra föreläsare! Wow! Vilka bra idéer! Wow! Vilken inspiration! Wow! Wow! This is great! I love it!