London calling EKI16B

Tibbles Internationella ekonomer var nyligen i London för att praktiskt testa sina kunskaper i engelska samt besöka flera stora företag med kontor i London. Nedan följer klassens reseberättelse.

We met up the class at Arlanda at 9:30 to be checked in. When we had left our bags at the bagdrop we had a lot of spare time to do whatever we felt was necessary such as eating and shopping in the duty-free shop. When the sign told us "go to gate" we all went to the gate to board. Despite the supplies like candy and snacks we had bought everyone of us brought a feeling of excitement and curiosity. Because of the cohesion in our class everyone was happy with the placing of seats. The security information was different compared to others because it was made to make people laugh. And it truly was with famous actors and the over exaggerated conversations about security.
Some of us played different games with each other and some of us were more tired than others during the flight because of the fact that the early morning had a huge impact on some of us. The conditions for the flight were really good and it was no air pockets at all. The start and the landing were both calm and nice. The flight went really well and the main reason to that was the excitement to travel as a unit and get to know each other a little bit more. We landed at Heathrow airport at 1 pm local time.

When we arrived to our host Judy's house, we left our luggage in our rooms and then we went down to a table full of bread and cake. After a while the doorbell rang and Judy's son and his family appeared. We greeted the family that consisted of her son, his wife and their four children. We sang happy birthday to the son's wife and ate a lot of different breads and cakes and drank tea. After the tea we were supposed to meet our class but instead we decided to follow Judy to church. We went there by car and were given a bible and a book of psalms. We listened to the priest and sang hymns.
After the ceremony that lasted for one and a half hour, they had a tea and coffee break and many people came to talk to us. Judy then drove us to our classmates, we talked for a while and then we went home to sleep. It was a very interesting afternoon.

The first visit we made the following day was to Shakespeare's Globe. That is the second reconstruction of the original theatre where Shakespeare presented his plays. The theatre is actually significant for every theatre worldwide. Before the Globe was built, the audience paid for the performance afterwards since they didn't know if they would like it or not! But the Globe charged for tickets before the performance was presented.

Our guide was probably the best one of the whole trip because his energy and interest to the subject rubbed off on us. Our specification of the visit was Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" so after our tour around the theatre we made some exercises. The informative tour lasted about 30 minutes and the exercises lasted between 30 and 45 minutes.

We made two different exercises where everybody in the class got the chance to show their acting skills. Exercise number one isn't explained in an understandable way through words so we skip to the second one. Our assignment was to pair up and read the first twelve lines of Hamlet against each other. In the end, some of the pairs showed their acting in front of the whole class. It was a good start of the trip and gave us high expectations to the next guides.

In other words, our visit to the Shakespeare globe was an experience we never encountered before. In all honesty -- we believe that most of us never knew about the globe before the guided tour, however we all knew about Shakespeare. The guide enlightened us all with insights about how and why the globe was created as well as additional in-depth details about the pricing system of the theatre and why the Shakespeare Globe has such a well planned architecture. As mentioned before, after the tour we got to have a short drama class with the tour guide who let us practice lines and acting out of one of Shakespeare's most acclaimed pieces - Hamlet.
None of us writing this are active within the theatrical community nor are we genuinely intrigued by it. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean we wouldn't find the tour interesting; it's nonetheless about the success of one of the most culturally cherished individuals of all time.

The visit to Tate Modern was a very special experience and I'm sure that loads of people would have loved the art that was presented. I do think, however, that Tate Modern did not amuse me as much as it would someone who is actually interested in modern art. I highly prefer the more "active" visits such as the one at Sky News or the Globe, which is a good example of a visit that make culture more interesting to people such as myself. I think a big part of the fact that I was not able to enjoy the visit at Tate was because we were not provided a guide (apart from the devices we were given). I think it's hard for someone who has no previous knowledge about the art world to by himself understand and appreciate the art presented. I did enjoy the visit though even if I had a hard time understanding the art forms. The art that we saw in the museum was very special and nothing like the classic art that might pop into one's head when thinking of a piece of art. We saw art made out of LED lights, a huge "grown-up" playing ground and optical illusions. Everything we experienced was very unique and there was a sign to every piece providing information about who made it, what the meaning of the art piece is and some general history behind the piece. The view from the 10th floor was amazing and I had a wonderful time with my classmates.

Tuesday the 10th of October 2017 our class EKI16B visited Sky Skills Studios. The experience caught the attention of various different feelings. The fact that we were able to create our very own news report was an experience never to forget. We were engaged throughout the entire project. Our minds were constantly at work trying to solve various problems that we faced. We started off by being split into four groups. Each person in the group got a different role. We then went off to a room where they gave us a quick introduction to what sky was and how they constructed their programs. We were then moved to four different studios, group one would receive studio one and so on. All studios were then tasked with creating different parts of a whole news report. When every group had finished their specific part, they all got edited into one full news report. The experience was all in all a great one and probably something we would never have had the chance to do unless it was for Tibble gymnasium. For many this was also the highlight of the visit.

We visited the sustainable city of The Crystal on Tuesday -- and it was lovely. The Crystal is a futuristic house built by Siemens for 34 million Euros. It is a prototype of how the future can or will look by the year 2050. We got a guided tour around the house and the guide talked about the features of the house and some cool challenges we could do while we were there. For example riding a bicycle to see how fast we had to go to charge a phone, boil water or drive one meter with an electric car. In The Crystal there was a game. The game was more like a test of communication and quick-thinking. The point of the game was to be able to run a city with everything going wrong, so we had to fix it. It was very challenging but we completed the task. But the coolest part of The Crystal was learning about why they spent 34 million euros to build the house. It is basically a smart-house. Its design is very clever and everything is made for a reason. For example the roof of The Crystal is slanted in specific directions so the house gets its power from both the rain and the sun, through solar panels and water pumps. Also, the building knows how many people are in which rooms and can adjust temperature accordingly. This trip to The Crystal was also very entertaining. We got to use the Emirates cable cars to get to the building across the water. From the cable cars highest point we got a very good view of London city.

On our last morning in London we met up at 9.30 am at Ealing Town Hall. There, we left our luggage and evaluated the trip. Everyone seems happy and satisfied about the trip. After that we got a few hours to do whatever we wanted. Some went to the Westfield mall and some stayed in Ealing to do last minute shopping. At 2 pm, we met up at Town Hall again to grab our bags and leave for the airport. We got to the airport using the tube.